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    Better legume inoculation options for modern farming

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    Better legume inoculation options for modern farming

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    Better legume inoculation options for modern farming

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    Better legume inoculation options for modern farming


  • Reliable nodulation with with moist or dry seeding
  • Apply with fertiliser or seed
  • Buffer nodulation from harmful pesticide seed dressings

Welcome to Alosca Technologies

Alosca Technologies Pty Ltd is a privately owned Western Australian company focused on the research, development and manufacture of agricultural legume inoculants, see ABOUT US.

Our focus on inoculant application systems has yielded a PRODUCT RANGE developed to enhance biological nitrogen fixation through overcoming many of the industry identified constraints to legume inoculation that have evolved with increased farm size and variable annual rainfall patterns. Through the on-farm advantages of our unique granular products we have seen continued growth not just here in Australia but also with our overseas customer base.

Our innovative legume inoculant range is backed by second-to-none customer service with a reputation to supply the right product to meet your operational needs on time. No matter if you are a farmer, farm merchandise agent or agronomist here in Australia or overseas we welcome the opportunity to assist you make the right inoculation decision. See our CONTACT US page to make an enquiry.


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