ALOSCA – A new technology to deliver rhizobia and other beneficial microbes into broadacre agriculture

  • 4 Aug
    By atadmin

    ALOSCA® – A new technology to deliver rhizobia and other beneficial microbes into broadacre agriculture.
    This paper was accepted and presented at the 13th Agronomy Conference September 2006, Perth, Western Australia. While this paper is a little dated now, it fully explains the ALOSCA granule concept.

    ALOSCA® technology was developed to provide a more reliable and end-user friendly delivery system for rhizobia and other beneficial soil microbes. The key feature of ALOSCA® technology is the enhanced survival of microbes during desiccation, which leads
    to better survival of inoculants and ultimately greater impact on plant growth. The use of ALOSCA® granules eliminates the need for slurry inoculum immediately prior to planting.
    ALOSCA® granules can be mixed with either seed or fertilizer at seeding and can remain viable in the ground for extended periods. A further advantage of the ALOSCA® technology is the flexibility if affords when fungicide is applied to seeds without adversely affecting the rhizobia which are supplied separately in the clay based granules.
    ALOSCA – A new technology to deliver rhizobia