• 2 Dec
    By atadmin

    ALOSCA Technologies is offering a significant discount on our granular range of pasture and cropping legume inoculants for the month of January 2021.

    $50 Cashback offer for January 2021
    1. ALOSCA will return to you, the product end user, $50 GST inclusive per 1000kg purchased and delivered.
    2. Product must be purchased and delivered during January 2021.
    3. To be eligible for payment the completed Cash Back form together with proof of purchase must be submitted via email to or fax to 08 6311 7390 by Friday 26th of March 2021.
    Note: Incomplete forms without requested details or forms submitted after Friday the 26th March 2021 will not be eligible
    for the Cash Back payment.
    4. Pack size: 500kg bulk bags or 25kg bags.
    5. Minimum order: 1 x 500kg (500kg = $25 cashback per bulker bag) or 40 x 25kg bags (1000kg = $50 cashback per 40 bags).
    6. All product relating to this offer must be ordered by either;
          A. Contacting your nominated Rural Supply Agent who will place the order on your behalf or by…
          B. Completing above sections 1, 2 & 3 of the order form and faxing directly to ALOSCA Technologies on (08) 6311 7390 or emailing a scanned copy to
    7. Cash back payment will be made by Electronic payment via Direct Credit (EFT) by ALOSCA Technologies Pty Ltd by Friday, June 18th 2021.
    8. Offer subject to change without notice