Field Evaluation

  • 3 Aug

    Tech Bulletin 03, How to check your nodulation

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    Assessing your legume nodulation annually during winter provides the opportunity to build a paddock by paddock understanding of your nitrogen fixation capacity. When to look, what you’ll need and how to go about is all explained. Download the Tech sheet, just click the link below. Tech Bulletin 03 How to check your nodulation
  • 20 Jul

    Growing their own Nitrogen

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    An article from the June edition of Farming Ahead highlighting the many benefits of new generation forage legumes to both crop and livestock farming. Click link below… The annual pasture legume Margurita® French serradella has changed Colin and Anna Butcher’s farm and it’s changed their lives as well, so it’s no wonder that Anna speaks so enthusiastically about it. By Jill Griffiths Farming Ahead 64-65 Seradella
  • 26 Apr

    Serradella kicking goals. Check it out Field Day this Thursday 28/4/16.

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    Anna and Colin Butcher at Brookton, in conjunction with DAFWA and Murdoch University, began redeveloping their approach to mixed farming 5 years ago. They restructured their entire cropping and sheep program, and based it upon summer sowing with self-regenerating hard seeded legumes. They now have 2036 hectares of serradella and biserrula in place, rotated with grain crops. Bag N for the crops and hand feeding of sheep over su
  • 4 Jan

    ALOSCA Tech Bulletin 02 – Top-dressing and head-start inoculation

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    Top-dressing and head-start inoculation are proving successful in the field. Introducing new inoculant strains to pasture paddocks can be achieved without reseeding. Click link below to find out more. Tech Bulletin 02 Top Dressing Pastures Alosca
  • 3 Dec

    Nodule Scoring System for Pulse legumes

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    If you’re digging up your crop legumes to check the nodulation use this nodule rating system. This is the system used by the Centre for Rhizobium Studies (CRS) at Murdoch University to assess their field samples. The chart was supplied courtesy of the CRS. Nodule Scoring SystemDownload