Can you over inoculate legumes?

  • 29 Jul
    By atadmin

    The risks with over inoculating legumes are handling related rather than harmful to the treated legume itself. Applying too much material to seed with either peat based (Nodule N™) or Freeze Dried (EasyRhiz™) may result in blockage or flow problems through the seeding equipment. Likewise with Granular products, care should be taken to ensure seeding equipment calibrations are not affected by the nature of the product and should be double checked during initial seeding runs.
    Higher than label rates of inoculant application may have been shown to be beneficial where that particular species has not been sown before and or where several constraints to successful inoculation may combine to reduce the percentage of cells surviving to initiate nodulation. Higher inoculation rates may also be beneficial to out compete less productive background soil rhizobia that may be less effective nitrogen fixers.