Do I need to use a sticker or adhesive with the inoculant?

  • 29 Jul
    By atadmin

    Yes, in some instances. With peat based and freeze dried products that are applied to the seed there is a risk following application they can be dislodged from the seed surface during the seeding operation and/or dry out and fall off. Seed adhesives, such as ALOSCA StickA™, adhere the peat inoculant to the seed reducing losses if used at the correct rate for the situation see PRODUCT RANGE–seed adhesive.
    Seed adhesive is incorporated into peat based inoculants (Nodule N™)for larger seeded crop legume inoculant products such as lupin, pea, bean and chickpeas at a low rate that will adhere the inoculant to the seed for ‘up the for auger’ application where lime pelleting is not required for the preparation.
    For pasture legume peat inoculants, these are typically the smaller seeded species, the seed adhesive is not incorporated into the product. Seed adhesive (ALOSCA StickA™) will need to be prepared before adding the peat and applying to the seed in order to hold enough inoculant to the seed and or you intend to lime pellet the seed.
    IMPORTANT: the rate (grams per litre) of dry sticker product used is critical.
    When using standalone slurry, that is without pelleting lime, use at a rate of no more than 2% w/w (20g per litre of water).This will reduce the likelihood of all your seed sticking together in your seed box or inoculation mixer. When using to form lime pellets (lime pelleting seed) with milled limestone, use no less than 10% w/w (100g per litre) up to a maximum of 20%w/w (200g/litre of water). The higher the %w/w usage the more durable your formed pellet will be. If you plan to handle the pelleted seed more than once or twice then a minimum 15% w/w should be used.
    Recommended seed adhesives should be used in preference to substitutes like sugars and oils to optimise adhesion and inoculant survival.