How do I know if the legume inoculant has worked?

  • 29 Jul
    By atadmin

    At about 8 weeks following germination legume root systems can be examined to see if a satisfactory establishment of nodulation has been achieved. To sample dig up (don’t pull them out as the nodules will be lost) a sample of plants representative of the varying soil types in the paddock and gently wash the soil off the roots. Immersing the root in a bucket of water for a while may be necessary if working with clay soils.
    The appearance of nodules varies between species however if nodulation has established well there should be numerous nodule colonies which when cut open will be pink in colour inside. While it is impossible to tell by visual inspection in the field if the plant has picked up a background strain or the inoculant strain, the pink colour generally signifies good nodulation function.