How long will legume inoculant survive in dry soil without rain?

  • 29 Jul
    By atadmin

    Moisture reliant carriers such as peat based (Nodule N™) and liquid injected freeze dried products (EasyRhiz™) should ideally be sown to moist soil to optimise the survival of the inoculant. Studies with peat based products have shown that about 90% of the seed applied bacterial cells will perished per day. This death rate is accelerated in warmer and lower humidity conditions.
    The unique properties of the ALOSCA granule protects nitrogen fixing bacteria from heat and low humidity through the capacity of the carrier clay to hold in sufficient moisture for extended periods to maintain the viability of the product even when the surrounding soil is warm and dry. When the soil profile receives sufficient rainfall to dampen the granule it disperses the nitrogen fixing bacteria to the furrow and becomes available to the legume’s emerging root system. The ALOSCA granule activates on the same seasonal triggers as the sown legume.