What are the benefits of ALOSCA granules, why use them?

  • 29 Jul
    By atadmin
    • The product activates on the same seasonal triggers as the sown legume maintaining the viability of the Rhizobia bacteria until required by the plant at and after germination.
    • Introduces new levels of seeding programme flexibility through the ability to sow dry or to moist seed beds creating the opportunity to take advantage of warmer autumn conditions and rainfall.
    • Cereals are the main cash crop on the majority of farms, therefore dry seeding the legume enables the grower to start seeding cereals on the opening rain.
    • Highly suited to early sowing (including summer sowing) of shallow sown pasture species to take advantage of early season rainfall and warmer soil temperatures.
    • Peat inoculants require moisture in the soil at seeding otherwise rapid mortality of the bacteria occurs (90% of cells per day).
    • ALOSCA granules buffers against seed dressings harmful to Rhizobium.