What inoculant pack size packs are available?

  • 29 Jul
    By atadmin

    ALOSCA Granular inoculants are available in 2 sizes.

    • 500kg polypropylene bulk bags, at the standard rate of 10kg/ha. 1 bags treats 50ha (120 acres).
    • 25kg polypropylene bags, at the standard rate of 10kg/ha 1 bags treats 2.5ha (6 acres).
      see PRODUCT RANGE-Granular for more details.

    Freeze dried product (EasyRhiz™) is available 1 one size.

    • One unit treats a range of seeds weights depending on the species of the inoculant strain and/or the species of the host legume. The area covered is dependent on the seeding rate of the sown legume.
    • Each unit, a 30mL glass vial, comes with 100g sachet of Rhizobium Protecting Agent Soluble Powder which helps protect the rhizobium and acts as a seed adhesive. 1 unit treats 500kg of coarse grain legume e.g. lupin/pea/chickpea.
      see PRODUCT RANGE-Freeze Dried for more details..

    Peat based slurry product (Nodule N™) is available in 3 sizes.

    Pack weight

    Size description 1

    Size description 2



    Mega pack

    Extra Large pack

    Mainly for cropping species treats 1000kg ofcoarse grain e.g. lupin/pea/chickpea.


    Jumbo pack

    Large pack

    Mainly for cropping species treats 500kg of coarse grain e.g. lupin/pea/chickpea.


    Standard pack

    Small pack

    Mainly for pasture legumes. e.g. Sub-clover or Medic clover. Treats 25-50 kg of seed.

    see PRODUCT RANGE-Peat based for more details.