What is ALOSCA?

  • 29 Jul
    By atadmin

    The product, the ALOSCA granule.
    ALOSCA is the brand name of a granular legume inoculant based on a unique bentonite clay impregnated with commercial strains of Root Nodule Bacteria. You may hear it referred to as The ALOSCA granule, the ALOSCA Dry Flow granule or just ALOSCA.
    ALOSCA granular inoculants activate on the same seasonal triggers as the sown legume when moisture is available and provides many solutions to on-farm seeding program logistical problems.
    The Company, ALOSCA Technologies Pty Ltd.
    Established in 2004, ALOSCA Technologies specialises in the development, manufacture and distribution of dry granular legume inoculants which provide many operational benefits over traditional delivery systems.