What is Freeze Dried inoculant?

  • 29 Jul
    By atadmin

    EasyRhiz™ freeze dried legume inoculant is a 2 part product with 1 x 30mL glass vial holding the freeze dried rhizobium powder and 1 x 100g sachet of protecting agent powder, the two parts make up one product unit. The freeze dried power is a centrifuged concentration of nitrogen fixing bacteria (Rhizobium) that has been dried under vacuum at very low temperatures, thus freeze dried. The freeze dried cells are reconstituted in water during preparation for use. The formulation is fully soluble in water and has no particulate matter once dissolved so it passes through fine nozzles, mesh screens and/or fine orifice plates without blockage making the coating of seed or liquid injecting of inoculant an easier hassle free application process. See PRODUCT RANGE-Freeze dried for more details.