Why use Freeze dried inoculant for in furrow liquid injection instead of peat based inoculant?

  • 29 Jul
    By atadmin

    Traditional peat based inoculant formulations can fall out of suspension in water and tend to block fine spray nozzles when used through liquid injection systems.
    EasyRhiz™ freeze dried legume inoculant offers a big step up in application convenience alleviating the need for strainers or the teabag method in tank when in furrow liquid injecting via the seeding bar. EasyRhiz™ is soluble in water and has no particulate matter once dissolved. It stays in suspension for extended periods and is very slow to settle out. Without the particulate matter inherent in  peat based inoculants it’ll pass through fine nozzles, mesh screens and/or fine orifice plates without blockage. This makes the coating of seed via nozzle application up the auger or liquid injecting of inoculant an easier hassle free application process.