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  • 24 Mar

    Press article – Innovative developments set revolutionise pasture crop rotation benefits

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    Press article –  Innovative developments set revolutionise pasture crop rotation  benefits At a glance Sub-clover nitrogen fixation capacity needs Summer sowing of new generation pastures doubling Pasture sowing doesn’t compete with winter cropping program Better first year pasture performance – more N fixed Better weed competition in comparison conventional late sowing times Better livestock production from leg

  • 4 Jan

    ALOSCA Tech Bulletin 02 – Top-dressing and head-start inoculation

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    Top-dressing and head-start inoculation are proving successful in the field. Introducing new inoculant strains to pasture paddocks can be achieved without reseeding. Click link below to find out more. Tech Bulletin 02 Top Dressing Pastures Alosca

  • 2 Dec

    ALOSCA Tech Bulletin 01 – Summer Sowing Pastures.

    By atadmin

    A new pasture establishment technique designed to use nature to soften hard seed and pods of some pasture varieties. Click link below to save a copy. Summer Sowing Technical BulletinDownload

  • 3 Dec

    Nodule Scoring System for Pulse legumes

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    If you’re digging up your crop legumes to check the nodulation use this nodule rating system. This is the system used by the Centre for Rhizobium Studies (CRS) at Murdoch University to assess their field samples. The chart was supplied courtesy of the CRS. Nodule Scoring SystemDownload