Freeze Dried Inoculant

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EasyRhizTM Freeze dried formulation
Strain Crop Type
One size 30mL glass vial treats 500kg coarse grain.
50 units per carton
Includes EasyRhiz™ protectant seed adhesive sachet 1 per vial (~100g).
Sufficient inoculant for 5L of slurry per vial.
Idea for coating seed prior to seeding or direct liquid in-furrow injection.
30mL glass vial treats 200kg of sub-clover (larger seed types) & 100kg of smaller seed types eg. Balansa or Persian clover

EasyRhiz™(Freeze Dried)

015_ Product Range, Freeze dried, smaller thumbnail EasyRhiz product shot(223x155)Other groups are available in EasyRhiz™ An additional 30 legume species strains are available in the EasyRhiz™ formulation including a broad range of forage legume strains and many subtropical and tropical strains. General usage tips for EasyRhiz™ freeze dried (see label for full instructions)
EasyRhiz™ is supplied in two parts which are combined before use:
1. A glass 30mL (or with some pasture types 16mL) vial
2. 100g sachet of protectant powder.
Product storage, vials should be stored between 4°C and 10°C out of direct sunlight.
Mix using clean chemical residue free containers & fresh water, avoid chlorinated/scheme water and salty water.
Once mixed as per instruction allow to stand for 2 to 3 hours to allow culture to recuperate from Freeze drying process. Seed (slurry)Application Sow treated seed within 5 hours.
Use supplied EasyRhiz™ Protectant (sachet) as per instructions
Store in cool/ high humidity post application to seed. In-furrow injection Apply with 50 to 200 litres of water per hectare. Higher water rates will deliver a better outcome in dryer soil conditions and give better furrow distribution.
It is important that the injected inoculant solution contacts the seed as it is sown. Avoid banding away from the seed.
Sowing into dry soil is not recommended for this product. Group Chart

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