MALDI-ID Rhizobia Identification Test

Do you know what rhizobia you have? And are you sure they are giving you the best possible performance?

What we do?

Rhizobia identification for the legume groups AM (Medic), C (Clover), FE (Pea, Faba-bean, Vetch, Lentil), GS (Lupin spp., Serradella spp.) and N (Chickpea).

How we do it?

Using the latest mass spectrometry technology we make a fingerprint from your nodules and compare it to our rhizobia database to give you a quick and accurate identification.

How to order?

Contact ALOSCA on (08) 6305 0123 or to order your kit.

How to take samples?

  • Dig out 5 – 10 plants per location in the paddock = 1 sample
  • Wash roots out in bucket with tap water
  • Sort plants according to plant species and make sure not to mix different plant species in the same sampling kit
  • Cut off the greens, dry roots with paper towel and place roots in zip lock bag. Repeat this for all four sample locations of your paddock to complete a kit.
  • Record the GPS location for the paddock and enter the information into your sample sheet.
  • Place the 4 sample bags of each kit into the provided padded prepaid return envelope.

What does it cost?

Recommended retail price is $300 + GST, and is suited for one paddock (up to 100 ha) and one legume host. Every additional 100 ha requires an additional kit.

What we deliver?

A detailed result sheet indicating the type(s) of rhizobia in each of your samples and recommendations for the future will be sent to you and your nominated advisor.

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