Seed Adhesive

Product type Description Comments
StickATM Seed Adhesive,
protects and
peat products
to seed.
1kg resealable container
Makes 5L to 50L slurry.
6 per carton.
Minimum order 1.
10kg resealable pail
Makes 50L to 500L slurry. Minimum order 1.

StickA™(Seed Adhesive)

016_ Product Range, Seed Adhesive, smaller thumbnail StickA product shot (223x155) General usage tips for StickA™seed adhesive Mix using clean chemical residue free containers & fresh water (avoid chlorinated/scheme water and salty water).
When using standalone slurry, that is without pelleting lime, use at a rate of no more than 2% w/w (20g per litre of water).This will reduce the likelihood of all your seed sticking together in your seed box or inoculation mixer.
When using to form lime pellets (lime pelleting seed) with milled limestone, use no less than 10% w/w (100g per litre) up to a maximum of 20%w/w (200g/litre of water). The higher the %w/w usage the more durable your formed pellet will be. If you plan to handle the pelleted seed more than once or twice then a minimum 15% w/w should be used.
Use warm/hot water to dissolve adhesive but ensure water has cooled to less than 30oC before adding inoculant peat culture.
Milled/powered limestone is the most cost effective lime pelleting material. Do not use Hydrated Lime(other names for Hydrated Lime: Marvelime, Hy-Lime, SlakedLime, Industrial Hydrated Lime, Chemical Hydrated Lime, Brickies Lime – do not use for lime pelleting). Group Chart

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