Order before January 31, 2022 and get $50 cash-back per tonne.

Include legumes in your rotation to reduce nitrogenous fertilisers, reduce risk and increase long term profit.

To achieve this, good nodulation of legumes is critical. To reliably count on the best nodulation of your legume crop or pasture, use ALOSCA granules.

For ease of handling, sowing in dry conditions or protection against fertiliser or seed dressings, nothing beats ALOSCA granular inoculants.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Specifically developed for Australian conditions and soils
  • Can be dry sown, simple to apply and can be easily blended with fertilisers, seeds or a third box
  • Can be used with seed dressings that are typically harmful to inoculants
  • Can be stored for months in a dry area
  • No need for slurries

Our inoculants are suitable for these pasture and crop species:

  • Lupin and Serradella
  • Field Pea, Faba Bean and Vetch
  • Chickpea
  • Sub Clover
  • Lucerne, Strand and Disc Medic
  • Barrel and Burr Medic
  • Biserrula

To claim your cash-back offer, order through your local stockist now and specify ALOSCA granules.

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